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Halloween Safety Tips- Infographic Safety Tips- InfographicThis Halloween, have a spooky and safe time! 1 1.00000000000000imagehalloween-safety-tips-infographic
Halloween Safety-Infographic Safety-InfographicThis year, have a fun and safe Halloween! 1 1.00000000000000imagehalloween-safety-infographic
Texting and Driving and DrivingThis infographic supports the "Stop Distracted Driving" campaign. Stop texting and driving. 9 9.00000000000000imagetexting-and-driving
Average Lifespan Major Home Appliances Lifespan Major Home AppliancesInfographic image about the average lifespan of major home applicances content to share for homeowners.9 9.00000000000000imageaverage-lifespan-major-home-appliances
Black Friday Insurance Infographic Friday Insurance InfographicInfographic regarding insurance for Black Friday shopping. 9 9.00000000000000imageblack-friday-insurance-infographic
Handyman Business - Property Insurance Business - Property InsuranceRisk Considerations for the Professional Home Handyman: Insuring Your Tools, Equipment & Supplies. This one page written article is content you can share on social media. 9 9.00000000000000documenthandyman-business-property-insurance
Trusted Choice - Proud Business Choice - Proud Business Trusted Choice, Proud, Business, Indepedendent Agent, Multimedia, Digital 9 9.00000000000000videotrusted-choice-proud-business
Home-Sharing-Graphic Do you rent out your home? Or do you use services like Airbnb™ when you travel? Either way, make sure you are covered. A Trusted Choice® Independent Agent can make sure you are covered. Suggested Social Copy: See Above. 1 1.00000000000000imagehome-sharing-graphic
Summer Business Liabilities- Graphic Business Liabilities- Graphic This graphic emphasizes the importance of having proper small business insurance to protect a small summer or seasonal business against possible liabilities. Suggest Social Copy: Enjoy your business, enjoy the summer. Make sure you're small business is covered this season against possible liabilities. 1 1.00000000000000imagesummer-business-liabilities-graphic
Food Truck Insurance- Video Truck Insurance- VideoKeep the good food rolling- make sure you're covered. 1 1.00000000000000videofood-truck-insurance-video
Moving- Article Article Article discusses the challenges of moving and gives tips to alleviate the stress. Suggested Social Copy: Moving soon? Here's a few tips to help the process run smoothly for you. 1 1.00000000000000documentmoving-article
Baby Needs Insurance- Graphic Needs Insurance- Graphic Between delivery, and the first few months of a baby's life, you will be making many medical visits. Make sure your insurance covers you and new baby! Possible Copy for Social Post: To avoid racking up uncovered expenses, speak with your Trusted Choice® Independent Agent to learn more about your coverage and the right policy for you and your new family member. 1 1.00000000000000imagebaby-needs-insurance-graphic
Types of Intellectual Property Claims- Infographic of Intellectual Property Claims- InfographicHere are the 4 most common IP claims. Talk to your Trusted Choice Independent Agent to avoid loss today. Suggested Social Post: To protect yourself and your business, you need to understand the various types of intellectual property. Talk to your Trusted Choice Independent Agent today. 1 1.00000000000000imagetypes-of-intellectual-property-claims-infographic
Handmade with Care- Graphic with Care- GraphicYou pay attention to the little details on your products, so make sure you know the details about your insurance. 1 1.00000000000000imagehandmade-with-care-graphic
Senior Ladies Exercise Bikes Ladies Exercise BikesSr citizen ladies talking while riding exercise bikes, and is intended to be funny. Don't Wait! Visit today!9 9.00000000000000imagesenior-ladies-exercise-bikes
Home Childcare Business Liability Childcare Business LiabilityYou’ve properly registered, licensed or certified your home childcare business according to the requirements in your state and are ready to get to work. Before allowing a child to walk (or crawl) into your home, consider a few essentials for your business liability insurance. 9 9.00000000000000documenthome-childcare-business-liability
Super Bowl Fans Bowl Fans'Tis the season for crazy fans. Make sure your posessions are protected.9 9.00000000000000imagesuper-bowl-fans
Sharing Economy Ride Sharing Passenger Injuries Economy Ride Sharing Passenger InjuriesAs a ride-sharing driver, you must answer two critical questions before you accept your first fare: First, will my insurance help me if my passenger or another party is injured while I am driving for a ridesharing service? Second, will my insurance help me if my vehicle is damaged while I’m transporting passengers for a ride-sharing company?9 9.00000000000000documentsharing-economy-ride-sharing-passenger-injuries
Summer Business Insurance- Graphic Business Insurance- GraphicGraphic emphasizes the importance of having proper business insurance for seasonal or summer businesses such as summer camps. Suggested Social Copy: Have a summer or seasonal business? Make sure you have the proper insurance to keep things running smoothly this season. 1 1.00000000000000imagesummer-business-insurance-graphic
Sharing Economy Ride Sharing Driver Injuries Economy Ride Sharing Driver InjuriesToo many ride-sharing service drivers don’t think about insurance. As the ride-sharing driver, there are a variety of factors you need to think about with regard to insurance in case you ever are injured while behind the wheel of your personal vehicle. 9 9.00000000000000documentsharing-economy-ride-sharing-driver-injuries
Pet Insurance- Infographic Insurance- Infographic This infographic emphasizes the importance of pet insurance and the pivotal role it plays in the case of a pet injury or pet related incident. Suggested Social Copy: Protect all the members of your family. Here's a quick guide so you know when and why you should have pet insurance. 1 1.00000000000000imagepet-insurance-infographic
Top 10 Claims for Small Business Owners 10 Claims for Small Business OwnersInfographic giving insight to the top 10 claims for small business owners. Suggested Social Post: Are you a small business owner? Here are the top 10 claims to look out for. A Trusted Choice Independent Agent is here to help. 1 1.00000000000000imagetop-10-claims-for-small-business-owners
Go the Whole Nine-Yards to Stop Distracted Driving the Whole Nine-Yards to Stop Distracted Driving Go the whole nine-yards and support the movement to stop distracted driving with this infographic. 9 9.00000000000000imagego-the-whole-nine-yards-to-stop-distracted-driving
Distracted Driving Texting Video Driving Texting VideoThis 25 second video is part of the Distracted Driving campaign, and can be downloaded digitally. The video speaks to the hazards of texting while driving, in comparison to driving the length of a football field. Post this to your social media or website.9 9.00000000000000videodistracted-driving-texting-video
Business Auto Insurance- Article Auto Insurance- ArticleInsuring your business vehicle should be easy: Just buy a business insurance auto policy (BAP) and drive... Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Time to talk with a Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent. 1 1.00000000000000documentbusiness-auto-insurance-article

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